Amanda & Riley | Old Fort, North Carolina | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

north carolina lgbtq wedding photographer

Holy cannoli. This day. This magical wonderful day. Amanda and Riley called me from Barcelona, Spain to "meet" and 75% of our conversation was about dogs. That's when you know, honestly. 

These two got married in an incredible little hidden corner of the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina at Rivers Ridge Lodge. It was a beautiful picnic with their families, biological and found; blankets were strewn about a meadow with a lake rushing past, and an amazing folk-jazz band set a warm, buzzing atmosphere with jokes and great food and of course, Margaux the dog. 

Drinks were served on a porch that might as well have been a tree house. Line dances were done to N'Sync. Doughnuts were enjoyed. Riley wore the coolest suit in the world. Zimzoom Photobooth brought a unicorn mask. Roasts n' toasts were made. 

It was, truly, an amazing day.