Throwback: Erin & Jon | The Visulite | Charlotte, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Erin & Jon

Something I've really wanted to do and have failed miserably at is making sure that my older weddings made it onto this website once I opened it. I'm taking advantage of the slow season though, and making sure that these beautiful stories remain a part of mine; and what better way to start incorporating them back into my journal than with a rock concert wedding at the Visulite?

Erin and Jon's day can't really be summed up in words except to say that it was an incredible experience. It was beyond anything I'd ever seen before and reflected their personalities so beautifully, and I don't think you've really lived until you see a groom jump up on stage and play with the band. This wedding left such a big impression on me and is what really drove home my insistence that weddings should be about YOU and who you are, not a check list or a list of traditions. It was also just...a really lovely day. Everyone was so kind and so happy and CRYING. Y'all there was so much crying, some of it mine. I'm just so grateful for this experience and for them, and also particularly attached because this was my dear Sarah's first wedding with me. Anyway. I've already said too much, so here's Erin and Jon's wedding day from May, 2016, featuring a performance by the Love Language.