2018 Internship



If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve expressed interest in being my intern for 2018, which is both very exciting and also makes me feel bizarrely adult and old.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elli, and I’ve been a professional photographer for almost six years. I developed (haaaa) a love of photography because of its ability to tell stories; my style today is centered around a documentary theme and a focus (okay, I’ll stop) on sharing the stories and events that make people who they are. I don’t seek perfection; I seek reality, and the beautiful candid moments that people might not otherwise remember. I seek emotion and quiet moments that speak volumes. If that sounds like your vibe, read on, friend!

I’ll get right into it. What I’m looking for this upcoming year is a dedicated second shooter who wants to start taking the next steps towards flourishing in their own photography business. What this internship will entail on your part is shooting with me at roughly half of my weddings this year; in addition to payment for your work at $20 an hour, I will provide mentorship both on site and in individual sessions designed specifically to help you on your epic photography journey. I want this to be a fairly personalized experience based upon your needs as a photographer, so these sessions can revolve around different things, including editing, shooting, streamlining, business management, client interactions and any other areas you want a little extra help. I’ll also be putting together a styled shoot towards the end of the internship for some practice.

Now for the really good stuff: what you can do with these photos. While I request that you don’t submit the photos you shoot at my weddings for publication or blog the wedding, I would love for you to be able to use them for your social media and portfolio! I only ask that you credit me as the primary shooter if you post these on Instagram or Facebook.

Traditionally, I’ll have you shoot on my cards, or one of mine and one of yours if you have dual slots. I require that my second shooters wait until I’ve delivered the final gallery to my clients before using the photos for their portfolio or social media; feel free to edit them in your own style once you do.

I wish I could just hang out with all of you regardless of where you are in life and just shoot fun things forever, but because you will be working with me at weddings, I do have the following requirements in place. This is for the sake of consistency in the work that is delivered to my clients.





 Canon equipment preferred.

Candidates with wedding experience preferred.

Must possess the following equipment: at least one (1) Canon body, model 6D or higher; at least one (1) speedlight, at least one (1) wide-angle lens (such as a 35mm) and one portrait lens (such as a 50mm or an 85mm) OR a transitional lens such as a 24-70.

Must at least be mildly familiar with standard shooting etiquette (formatting cards before shooting, shooting in RAW, carrying back-up cards and batteries, etc.)

Must be comfortable using a speedlight and comfortable in low-light scenarios.

Must be able to commit to multiple weekend dates throughout the year. Second-shooting would start approximately in April of 2018.

Must be comfortable shooting a diverse array of weddings. This includes weddings of different religious backgrounds, different races, and different sexualities. Please be aware that I am very close with my couples and protective of them; if you have any reservations about shooting weddings featuring alternate lifestyles to yours, or are unable to be respectful and open-minded during shooting, this may not be the internship for you.

 Must be willing to and be physically capable of driving to various wedding locations. As well as shooting in Charlotte, I often book weddings further away, including in Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and out of state. I love to carpool when possible, but cannot guarantee it for every single wedding.

Must be able to withstand copious amounts of puns. I’m sorry in advance.

Must be cool with obnoxious car singing.

If all that sounds good to you, let’s keep moving forward! In an e-mail, please answer the following questions and forward them to hello@ellimcguire.com. I’ll get back to you in 24 hours letting you know I’ve received it! The deadline to apply is January 1st, 2018. I’m so excited to hear about your story.



Application Questions




Best phone number and e-mail for contact?

Where can I see your work? (Such as an Instagram or a website)

Hi! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience level.

How long have you been taking photos?

What made you interested in wedding photography?

How do you think you would benefit from this internship?

Why do you think we’d be a good fit working together?

What are some areas that you feel you could improve in, regarding photography?

What are some areas that you feel really comfortable and proud of yourself in?

Do you have another job currently? Does it offer flexible hours?

What equipment do you currently own?

Are you able to provide your own transportation to and from weddings?

What are your favorite songs to car-sing to?



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