Amy & Todd | Concord, North Carolina

Amy & Todd’s Concord Wedding at Ritchie Hill

Concord North Carolina Wedding Photographer

If we're being honest, all of my weddings stick with me for a long time. There are no weddings that feel like I'm just "on the job" and once I leave, I'm done; I dwell on all of them, treasuring all the small moments I had the honor of witnessing and just being grateful that this is my job in the first place. There is a lot of humility in this career once you really start to ruminate on the fact that someone picked you, as a human being with a camera, to witness and document something so important to them. 

This wedding was absolutely no exception. Amy and Todd never felt like strangers to me. They poured their hearts and souls into their wedding, and approached it with a vulnerability and excitement that made me feel like a part of a big family. It was incredibly moving and meant the world to be there for it. 

Warmest thanks to Ritchie Hill for, as always, being a wonderful host to another incredible day.