Best of 2016

Okay. This year.

This year was a lot. Regardless of if you're one of those people who thinks 2016 was the peak of horror or the type who doesn't like designating those kinds of trends to a numerical figure, I think we can all agree that it was a lot. A lot of everything. But see, I did a lot of reflecting on New Years Eve (cause nobody reflects on their year on New Years Eve) and while there were some bad vibes to wade through personally, I cannot say a single bad thing about my job in 2016. And that's because of all of you. 

I mean it. When I think about my 2016 couples, my heart wants to just explode from happiness. I am perpetually gobsmacked by how much love I got to see and be a part of. How much joy, how much laughter, how much excitement, how much giddy nervousness (and how much cake.) I still cannot believe that this is my job: getting to know incredible people like these beautiful pairs in the photos below, getting to befriend them, and getting to share in their complete elation. Documenting that kind of carefree and unbridled celebration is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

These photos don't even come close to encompassing all of the moments I was so thrilled to capture, but I didn't think you guys wanted to spend your evening scrolling through 10,000+ photos. So here is my feeble attempt to do my 2016 justice. 

I also want to make it abundantly clear how much my second shooters completely and utterly rocked this year. Thank you times a million to Sarah Tatum, Ariel Perry, and Laura Plyler for putting in so many hours with me and seeing me through to the end!


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