Tiffany & John // Davidson, NC

Tiffany & John’s Wedding at Beaver Dam in Davidson North Carolina

Davidson North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Tiffany e-mailed me a couple months ago, and told me about her beautiful, intimate and personal wedding to John that was going to be nestled in a gorgeous old house in the heart of Davidson. I knew I had to shoot this wedding. I was completely in love with their vision, and how happy Tiffany became when she talked about John. It was going to be something special.

The night before the wedding, Charlotte was due for a blizzard. The roads were going to be icy, and there were a lot of frantic texts back and forth and a lot of anxiously looking out the window. Despite my (wonderful) boyfriend's numerous assurances that he would drive me if he had to (Charlotte people like me don't know how to drive in the snow, lets be real) I didn't sleep well that night. The first thing I did in the morning was check outside, and check the news: the roads were already clear, and a beautiful blanket of sparkly snow was covering the ground outside. I texted Tiffany to let her know everything was okay, and after exuberantly confirming that YES, they absolutely wanted photos in the snow, I happily made my way up to Davidson. 

I cannot fathom how I could have started 2017 any better. This day was all about love. The house was warm and full of greenery, lights, good food, laughing people and excited kids. The sun came out at the last minute for a knock-out sunset. It just doesn't get better than days like this.