Alex & Ryan | Blowing Rock, North Carolina | Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Alex, Ryan and I were originally going to do their engagement photos back in February, but the weather had other plans; we still had a great time and got some shots at their favorite bar. I was still freaking thrilled though when we decided that come Friday the 13th, we were still going to go up to Blowing Rock and get those sweet, sweet mountain shots. Added bonus, their dog Scout participated and is natural-born model of merit. 

Jenna & Jacob | Salisbury, NC

This was such an incredible day. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks. With their anniversary coming up, Jenna and Jacob told me that they wanted a session that they felt they could truly be themselves during and that captured them as people. I'd met Jenna at a wedding back in 2015, and knew she was wonderful soul; but I was so staggered by her and Jacob's peace and calm together and their quiet happiness that just followed them around. They recreated the handfasting from their wedding ceremony, and recounted memories from the early days of their relationship. It was an honor to get to be with them for a few hours and just document. 

Flower crown: Bloom Wild

Throwback: Erin & Jon | The Visulite | Charlotte, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Something I've really wanted to do and have failed miserably at is making sure that my older weddings made it onto this website once I opened it. I'm taking advantage of the slow season though, and making sure that these beautiful stories remain a part of mine; and what better way to start incorporating them back into my journal than with a rock concert wedding at the Visulite?

Erin and Jon's day can't really be summed up in words except to say that it was an incredible experience. It was beyond anything I'd ever seen before and reflected their personalities so beautifully, and I don't think you've really lived until you see a groom jump up on stage and play with the band. This wedding left such a big impression on me and is what really drove home my insistence that weddings should be about YOU and who you are, not a check list or a list of traditions. It was also just...a really lovely day. Everyone was so kind and so happy and CRYING. Y'all there was so much crying, some of it mine. I'm just so grateful for this experience and for them, and also particularly attached because this was my dear Sarah's first wedding with me. Anyway. I've already said too much, so here's Erin and Jon's wedding day from May, 2016, featuring a performance by the Love Language.


Alex & Ryan | The Thirsty Beaver | Charlotte, North Carolina Engagement Photographer

I was really, REALLY excited when Alex told me she and Ryan wanted to use the Thirsty Beaver for part one of their engagement photos. Turns out I really, really love neon. So excited for this wedding.

Alana & Jake | The Aviary | Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Holy cow. Alana and Jake's wedding. Sarah and I made the trek up to Lynchburg, Virginia and were blown away by what we found: a historic aviary completely draped in twinkle lights. I'm always amazed when brides step up and completely overhaul a space into something out of their imagination. Jake's dad crafted the rig holding the twinkle lights up, and his grandmother and Alana's bridesmaids crafted the flowers from scratch; the whole day was such a labor of love. It was an honor to be there. (Also, shout out to Sarah because this was her last wedding as my intern, and I have a lot of feelings about that. Ginger Snaps forever.)


Awesome Vendors:
Hair: Arte' Di Capelli Salon
Makeup: In Your Face Makeup
Dress: David's Bridal
Venue: The Aviary
Catering: Country Cookin'
Second Shooter: Sarah Ann Tatum

Meredith & Dustin | The Longhouse | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Photographing Meredith and Dustin's wedding was such an honor, and I was so excited to go back to a venue I know very well and adore shooting at. The day was so quiet and calm, with nervous and giddy smiles and warm families so excited to be there. Meredith and Dustin were perpetually making each other laugh and I caught them staring at each other across the room so many times; this day was a long time coming and full of peace, careful attention to detail and pure happiness. 

Awesome Vendors: 
Venue: The Long House
Food: Above & Beyond Catering
DJ: BreakOut DJ Services
Flowers: Botanica Flowers and Gifts
Cake: Bake Me Happy
Hair and Makeup: Updo's Studios
Videography: Little Lovely Blushes 

Sarah & Zach | Ritchie Hill | Concord, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Y'all. I have seen some cool themes and some cool couples in my time. But never have I seen a baked-good themed wedding. Sarah and Zach are amazing; I know you all will get tired eventually of me waxing poetic about how strongly I feel about doing weddings YOUR way, but that's too bad really, because when you do weddings YOUR way, magic like this happens. Sarah and Zach had an entire table full of cakes, pies and treats, all contributed from their families, and their wedding favor for their guests was a small cookbook of the recipes. Beyond how deeply I connect with that decision, it was just such a personal day. Everyone pitched in and had a blast and was so excited to celebrate with them. Also, candy toss. 

Awesome vendors:
Dress: Vintage
Venue: Ritchie Hill
Planning: Beyond the Veil
Hair and Makeup: Sweet Magnolia Beauties
Catering: Berry Scrumptious
Second Shooter: Amy Ellis

Danielle & Alfred | Rigmor House | Chapel Hill, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I firmly believe that if you are not a traditional person, then there's no reason to force yourself into having a traditional wedding. It should be about you, and what makes your love and relationship special. Danielle and Alfred just wanted a really beautiful party with their closest loved ones, and were so laid back and happy the whole day; nothing was forced or done because they felt like they had to. Bright colors were everywhere and everyone was laughing, setting up flowers and soaking up the sun. It was contagious. It's such an honor to be present for days like this, when people forget about "supposed to" and have an incredible, beautiful day on their terms, face-smushing and all. 

Awesome vendors:
Venue: Rigmor House
Hair and Makeup: Natasha Abe
Catering: Visions Catering
Flowers: Victoria Park Florist
Second Shooter: Sarah Ann Tatum